Victor Ponta

Victor Ponta: We fight for the Pro Romania candidates

Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta called on his party colleagues "to rely only on themselves" in the electoral battles and to fight for the candidates of the party in the upcoming elections. "I am in Pro Romania and only in Pro Romania will I be, and I rely only on Pro Romania. If I relied on someone else it would mean making the same mistake every time.

Consultations for new PM designation at Cotroceni presidential Palace (round-up)

After consultations on Thursday with President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), freshly dismissed PM Ludovic Orban announced having presented to Iohannis the PNL decision to support the requirements for early elections being met.

Dismissed PM Orban: All ordinances will have the necessary approvals to be published in the Official Journal

Dismissed Prime Minister Ludovic Orban responded to Victor Ponta's accusations regarding the necessary approvals for the adoption of the 25 emergency ordinances (OUG) passed in the last Government meeting, saying that all the respective normative acts will have the necessary approvals so they can be published in the Official Journal of Romania.

PSD's Ciolacu: Fall of Orban government, a very big step for Romania's democracy

The interim chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, stated on Wednesday that the adoption of the censure motion is "a very big step for Romania's democracy", especially the wellbeing of Romanians. "The Orban Government fell. It's my opinion that it's a very big step for Romania's democracy, especially the wellbeing of Romanians. It was a mobilization as never seen before.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Dancila: We are heading towards monopoly of power that Iohannis desires

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the presidential elections, Viorica Dancila, claimed on Thursday that the president, Klaus Iohannis, desires "a monopoly of power", is a "dictator" president, who wants to lead the Government and Parliament and who threatens his opponents with prosecutors, through intermediaries.

#2019PresidentialElection: Presentation of candidates

On September 27, 2019, the Central Electoral Bureau took note of the 14 final candidacies and the electoral signs submitted by political parties, electoral alliances, citizens' organizations belonging to national minorities and independent candidates, and on September 28, the following ballot order was established by registration of the candidates: 1. Klaus- Werner Iohannis, 2.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Barna: If there are no early elections, PSD will again catch wind in sails

The candidate of the Save Romania Union - Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) Alliance to the Presidency of Romania, Dan Barna, said on Thursday, in central-western Alba Iulia, that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) "will again catch wind in its sails" if there are no early elections, and there will remain a government that does not have a parliamentary majority and will be vulnerable t