Victor Ponta

Maior on tossed out allegations: Asked SRI oversight committee to seek evidence, hear Dragnea, Ponta

Former Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and current Ambassador of Romania to the US George Maior announced that he asked the parliamentary committee on the oversight of SRI's activity to "seriously reflect on the multiple allegations tossed out about illegal interceptions, covert officers, incompatibilities, pressure put on justice," and seek evidence and hear others,

Ponta asks for pension increase enforcement, under new law, as of 1 January 2019

Leader of the Pro Romania Party Victor Ponta announced on Saturday evening he agrees to the pensions being increased as of 1 January 2019, adding that he will file an amendment in this respect when the new pension draft law is debated in Parliament.

Ponta Comeback Alarms Romania's Ruling Party

Romania's former prime minister, Victor Ponta, is returning to the front lines of the country's political scene after being acquitted of corruption charges at the beginning of May. His new faction, Pro Romania, has also started recruiting prominent Social Democrat MPs, much to the concern of the ruling party leadership.

Chief telecom regulatory officer Grindeanu: Romania needs national 5G strategy; we will draw up one in autumn

Bucharest, March 25 /Agerpres / - Romania needs a national strategy for 5G communications, and we hope to come up in autumn with this document, which, in the end, has to be approved under a government decision, Chairman of the National Communications Management and Regulatory Authority (ANCOM) Sorin Grindeanu tells AGERPRES in an interview.