Victor Ponta

Committee head Manda: Maior confirmed parties that took place in SRI offices

Former head of Romania's Intelligence Service (SRI) George Maior confirmed in a testimony on Tuesday before Parliament's SRI Oversight Committee the parties that took place at the SRI headquarters of Romania's National Day, the SRI Day, birthdays, including Victor Ponta, Liviu Dragnea, Laura Codruta Kovesi, Livia Stanciu, says committee chairman Claudiu Manda.

Romania Probes Deputy PM Over Corruption Claims

Romania's National Anti-Corruption Directorate, DNA, summoned Deputy Prime Minister Sevil Shhaideh for a hearing on Friday to inform her that she is a suspect in a graft case.

Shhaideh, who also heads the Ministry of Regional Development, told journalists she is not at liberty to disclose more information because the investigation is underway.

Romania Seeks Extradition of Former MP Arrested in Serbia

Bucharest will ask Serbia in the coming days to extradite former MP Sebastian Ghita, who is wanted in Romania on several corruption charges.

Ghita, 38, was detained in Belgrade last Thursday night after identifying himself to police with fake Slovenian documents.

He was arrested after Serbian police thought it strange a "Slovenian" was speaking only in English.