Victory Day

Celebrating Victory Day, Pro-Russian Moldovans Defy Law on Symbols

Several thousand people in Moldova's capital Chisinau took part in an "Immortal Regiment" march on Monday, organised by the pro-Russian Socialist Party, PSRM, many of them breaking a new law that bans the display of symbols glorifying the former Soviet communist regime.

President Leads Victory Day March in Moldova

The pro-Russian President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, and supporters of the Socialist Party on Thursday led a march to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Red Army victory over Nazi Germany and the end of World War II.

"It must be an equal celebration for everybody. Victory Day is a celebration of all citizens in Moldova," Dodon said.

Beautiful Russian soldiers march in Victory Day parade (video)

Russia celebrated its 72nd Victory Day in commemoration of the defeat of the invading Nazi forces in the second world war on May 9, with its annual military parade in Moscow’s Red Square. Before Russian President Vladimir Putin, tens of thousands of military personnel marched in unison, while some of the latest high tech army hardware were put on display.

Bulgarians Honor Victory Day in Front of Soviet Army Monument

Hundreds of Bulgarians laid wreaths in front of the Soviet Army Monument in the capital Sofia to mark Victory Day on Monday.

Wreaths were officially laid by embassies of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, the Palestinian Authority, China, Kazakhstan, Syria, Pakistan, and Cuba.