Video games

Bus driver fined for playing game on mobile phone while driving

A public bus driver in Turkey's southern province of Adana has been fined and given penalty points for playing a game on his mobile phone while driving, İhlas News Agency has reported.

The incident came to light after a passenger on the bus recorded the 34-year-old Orhan Can playing Okey -- a very popular tile-based game in Turkey -- on video.

Don't get into a moral panic with so-called violent video games

According to news reports, Turkey?s Family and Social Policies Ministry is considering a ban on the game Minecraft, concerned it promotes violence and social isolation. This ban is opposed by Turkish scholars who are concerned research does not support it and the ban amounts to censorship. I?m an American scholar who studies video game violence, so I follow these issues closely.

Turkish scholars launch petition against possible Minecraft ban

Turkey's leading academics on game studies have launched a petition against the Family and Social Policies Ministry's controversial initiative to ban Minecraft, a popular videogame.

"Computer games cannot be reviewed as if they are bonzai," said the petition launched on on April 18, referring to a synthetic illegal drug.

Microsoft launches probe as Turkey mulls Minecraft ban

Minecraft owner Microsoft is investigating the reports suggesting that the Turkish government is preparing to ban the game, the BBC reported March 11.

Turkish media had earlier reported that the Family and Social Policies Ministry recently took the first step to initiate the legal process to ban Minecraft in Turkey on the grounds that it encourages children to resort to violence.