OSCE Condemns Montenegro Tabloid Sex Claims

Mijatovic on Wednesday expressed disgust about the tabloid’s allegations that Calovic, the director of an influential Montenegrin NGO and a prominent government critic, had sexual relations with her two dogs.

"I hope we will hear the condemnation of such journalism, if we can call it journalism. As a person, as a woman, I am appalled," Mijatovic said.

Kosmajac in Montenegro as tourist

PODGORICA - Just hours after being identified by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as Serbia's biggest drug dealer, Dragoslav Kosmajac, 61, crossed into Montenegro at the Rance border crossing in the night between Friday and Saturday after leaving Serbia at the Jabuka crossing, the Podgorica Vijesti daily reports.

Đukanović "to step down, when circumstances normalize"

Đukanović "to step down, when circumstances normalize"

PODGORICA -- Milo Đukanović has been quoted as saying that he is at the helm of Montenegro's government "against his will and affinities."

Furthermore, he said he "hoped" to withdraw from this position "after circumstances in the country normalize."

Montenegro Detains Six Over Journalist Attack

Montenegrin police said they had detained six men on Thursday, suspected of being involved in the attack on Lidija Jovanovic, a journalist from the opposition daily newspaper Dan.  

"We have a contractor and financier, motive, organizers, helpers and the direct perpetrator of the attack," police said on Friday.