Viktor Orbán

Hungarian PM Orban is Seeking Allies to Organize a "Counter-Revolution" in Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he is seeking allies for a conservative "counter-revolution" in Europe, DPA reported.

Orban gave a speech at a forum of conservatives and nationalists in Rome. He said he had spoken with Spanish far-right opposition leader Santiago Abascal and other supporters from Italy and France.

Imitating Orban: Hungary’s Illiberal Democracy Goes Beyond Borders

A century since the Treaty of Trianon dramatically shrank the size of the Hungarian state and stranded millions of Hungarians beyond its borders, Orban is pouring money into ethnic Hungarian communities in neighbouring states, issuing passports and picking up voters and political leverage for the ruling Fidesz party.

For Serbia’s Hungarians, More Forints and a Tamed Media

In the best traditions of Magyar Szó, Pressburger says he was promised total editorial independence. But the promise meant little.

"VMSZ tried to influence what we write about," Pressburger told BIRN. "First, they wanted to convince me not to be critical and to write more about VMSZ and less about the other parties."