Viktor Orbán

EU Needs Serbia, ‘Key to Western Balkans’, Orban Says

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, on a visit to Belgrade, said on Thursday that the European Union needs Serbia much more than Serbia needs to join the EU.

After meeting Serbia's President, Aleksandar Vucic, Orban stressed that he unequivocally supports Serbia's EU membership because it is the key to the Western Balkan region's integration.

Moldovan Ex-President Praises Hungary’s Anti-LGBTQ Law

Moldova's Socialist leader and former president, Igor Dodon, praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for his country's recently adopted law in Budapest on the LGBTQ community.

"I congratulate Mr Orban and the Hungarian people for adopting this law despite the barriers imposed by some European Union leaders and the liberal lobby in his country," Dodon wrote on his Facebook page.

"EU is heading to demise, imposing its values on EU member states. I support Hungary"

Jana supported Hungary in the fight against LGBT content in schools and on television, Sputnik reported the writing of Russia Today.
On the first day of Slovenia's presidency of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, Jana made it clear that his priorities may not coincide with the priorities of the Western powers of the Union.

Democracy Digest: V4 Dragged into Hungary’s EU Gay Rights Spat

For his part, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban argues the law "does not contain any discriminatory elements", because it is only designed to protect the rights of children, guarantee the rights of parents, and does not apply to the sexual orientation rights of those over 18 years of age. He branded the statement by von der Leyen as "shameful because it is based on untrue allegations".

Vučić met with Szijjártó: Political relations with Hungary the best in history PHOTO

The meeting started at 8 am, and the atmosphere from today's meeting was shared on the Instagram account "buducnostsrbijeav".
Vui talked with Szijjrt about further improvement of bilateral cooperation, Serbia's European path, the fight against the pandemic, transit capacities, gas supply and use, as well as the strategic partnership of the two countries in numerous areas.

Democracy Digest: Hungary and Poland Refuse to Join EU Justice League

Hungary and Poland were among five countries not to join EPPO, which will be partly staffed by prosecutors sourced from participating member states. Ireland and Denmark enjoy opt-out benefits in justice and home affairs cooperation, while the European Commission says Sweden plans to join EPPO next year. Hungary and Poland will be harder to convince.

How to spend it: CEE’s NextGenerationEU submissions reflect the past

In general, criticisms of the draft recovery plans outlined by the various governments in Central and Southeast Europe have centred on several areas: a lack of an overarching vision of transformation, a dearth of consultation with outside groups, not being green enough, and too open to corruption and cronyism.

Hungary Could Turn Into China’s Trojan horse in Europe

Just days after this diplomatic tit-for-tat between the EU and China, the Hungarian government played host to a senior visitor from Beijing: China's defence minister. Wei Fenghe used his visit as an opportunity to condemn the EU sanctions while praising Hungary's conciliatory approach, claiming that China "has always regarded Hungary as a good brother".

Democracy Digest: Hungary Vies with Czechia for World’s Worst COVID Death Rate

Health expert Gabriella Lantos wrote in an op-ed that it is time to call Viktor Orban to account for what is happening in Hungary. The prime minister famously said in September that all lives matter and the success of tackling the pandemic would be measured in lives lost. The day he spoke, on September 12, two people died of COVID-19.