Viktor Orbán

Putin Promises Hungary Funds for Paks NPP

Russia is ready to finance fully the expansion of the only nuclear power plant in Hungary, stated Russian President Vladimir Putin after meeting Hungary's PM Viktor Orban in Budapest, cited by RIA Novosti.

The new units of the Paks NPP cost EUR 12 B. The current agreement for the completion of the nuclear power plant is for Russian credit of up to 80% of the price of the project.

Orban: Trump Put an End to Multilateralism

Donald Trump's speech must be interpreted as an end to multilateralism, stated Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on the occasion of the first announcement of the new US President.

"This means that Hungary gets the right to defend its own interests first," said Orban.

According to the PM, Trump's statement means that all countries have the right to place their own interests first.

Hungary To Hire "Border Hunters" for USD 340 M

The Hungarian government is expecting another migrant wave in the spring. In this relation, the cabinet of Viktor Orban announced that it will spend up to USD 340 M for the training, equipment and remuneration of 3,000 "border hunters".

They will be hired in order to secure the fences erected last year against the entry of illegal migrants, reported Associated Press.

Trump and Orban swap "black sheep treatment" stories

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been invited to visit the U.S. by that country's president-elect, Donald Trump.

“I spoke with the new U.S. president by telephone, and can say that our position has improved a lot. Donald Trump made clear that he holds Hungary in high regard,” AFP quoted Orban as telling the Vilaggazdasag website.