Viktor Orbán

Hungary To Hire "Border Hunters" for USD 340 M

The Hungarian government is expecting another migrant wave in the spring. In this relation, the cabinet of Viktor Orban announced that it will spend up to USD 340 M for the training, equipment and remuneration of 3,000 "border hunters".

They will be hired in order to secure the fences erected last year against the entry of illegal migrants, reported Associated Press.

Trump and Orban swap "black sheep treatment" stories

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been invited to visit the U.S. by that country's president-elect, Donald Trump.

“I spoke with the new U.S. president by telephone, and can say that our position has improved a lot. Donald Trump made clear that he holds Hungary in high regard,” AFP quoted Orban as telling the Vilaggazdasag website.

Hungary builds “smart” fence to keep migrants out

Hungarian prisoners have finished building the first part of a second anti-migrant fence on Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, state television reported yesterday (21 November). Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced last August plans for a second fence line in August to reinforce the existing barrier erected last year along the 175-kilometre-long border.

Hungary will Attract Investors with 9% Corporate Tax

Hungary's government is on its way to cut the corporate tax to the lowest level in the EU in a sign of increasingly competitive tax practices among countries seeking to lure foreign direct investment, according to the Financial Times.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said a new 9% corporate tax rate would be introduced in 2017, significantly lower than Ireland's 12,5% and Bulgaria's 10%.

Hungary MPs block PM's bid to bar refugee resettlement

Hungarian lawmakers on Nov. 8 blocked Prime Minister Viktor Orban's bid to change the constitution to bar the resettlement of refugees, after the radical right Jobbik party refused to support the bill.

While all 131 MPs of Orban's ruling right-wing coalition voted in favor, the bill failed to pick up an extra two votes to reach a required two-thirds majority.

Hungary's Parliament Blocks Amendment on Ban of Settlement of Asylum Seekers

Hungary's Parliament has rejected the constitutional amendment proposed by PM Viktor Orban for a ban on the settlement of asylum seekers in Hungary, reported Reuters.

After the failure of the referendum on migrant quotas, this is a new blow against the Prime Minister which can make it difficult for him to continue with his fight against the migrant policy of the EU.

Orban threatens to sue EC over migrant quotas

Unless Brussels removes the issue of mandatory migrant quotas from the agenda, Hungary will "resist them, and sue the European Commission."

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said this on Friday. Reuters reported that in order to challenge the EU, the Hungarian government would use "a recent referendum in which the overwhelming majority rejected the EU quotas."