Viktor Orbán

Hungary Drops Draft Internet Tax Bill After Protests

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday said a controversial draft bill to tax Internet traffic will be scrapped following mass protests.

"This tax in its current form cannot be introduced because the government wanted to extend a telecommunications tax, but the people see an Internet tax," Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Radio Kossuth on Friday.

Hungary's Parliament Partially Backtracks on Internet Tax

The Hungarian legislature is expected to have its say on the idea of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to charge the use of Internet which sparked thousands-strong protests in the capital Budapest.

The opposition has warned a decision to levy the Internet could "weaken" Hungary by affecting the entire economy, hindering technological growth and putting thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

EU 'shot itself in foot' with Russia trade sanctions: Hungary PM

The EU "shot itself in the foot" by imposing trade sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a radio interview Friday.
The European sanctions over Moscow's perceived role in separatist violence in eastern Ukraine "hurt us more than the Russians," Orban said during his weekly interview spot on state-run radio.

Viktor Orban Poised to Win Hungary Elections

Ruling center-right party Fidesz is set to win Hungary's parliamentary elections, with 48% of the vote according to exit polls.

Center-left opposition is reported to have received 27% support, as Der Spiegel has informed. Jobbik, the far-right party which some forecasts placed second, got 18%.

Official results were expected "Sunday night".