Viktor Orbán

Orban won the Elections and declared Zelensky as his Opponent along with Soros

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has declared victory in yesterday's parliamentary elections.

Orban gave a 10-minute speech in front of the chanting "Viktor!" representatives and supporters of his FIDES party at a post-election event in Budapest.

Janša, Orban see minorities as a bridge for cooperation

Lendava – Slovenian and Hungarian PMs Janez Janša and Viktor Orban stressed as they signed an agreement on cooperation to develop the border areas populated by the countries’ respective minorities in Lendava on Monday that the minorities were a “bridge for cooperation between two friendly countries” and economic ties between them brought double benefit.

Democracy Digest: ‘Orbolsonaro’ Is a Family Affair

Orban also promised he would prevent any pro-migration regulations in the EU, even at the level of recommendations, and underlined his government's belief in the traditional family model, comprised of a man and a woman. Bolsonaro, in return, praised Orban and said the values of his government - God, fatherland, family, freedom - make Hungary a model for Brazil.

Data Dealing: Oversight Concerns in Hungary over AI Data

Six months later, the findings are still to be published and, when they are, the NAIH says the public will see only a redacted version.

Data privacy experts are not holding their breath. Indeed, many are worried about what the episode says for the chances of NAIH doing its job when it comes to oversight of another emerging sector - the collection and monetising of public data.

Blaming Turkey for refugee crisis amounts to 'ingratitude,' says Erdoğan

Blaming Turkey for the refugee crisis is a "real ingratitude," the country's president said on Nov. 11.

"It is Greece that is condemning refugees to death by skewering their boats," Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a press conference alongside Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the capital Ankara following a meeting between the two. "We have all the documents."