ATHEX: Small gains for Greek stocks as interest turned to Fed

The Bank of Japan's surprise decision to keep interest rates unchanged against expectations for a drop deeper into negative territory bolstered most European bourses on Wednesday before interest turned toward the Fed verdict, but the Greek stock market felt little of that positive effect.

ATHEX: Bourse benchmark rises 0.74 percent

Greek stocks had something of a rocky session at the start of the week as the morning satisfaction following the vote in Parliament on the key tax and social security bills was succeeded by concerns over the outcome of Monday's Eurogroup. The positive signs from the Euro Working Group meeting eventually led to some gains for most stocks.

ATHEX: Stocks return to action with growth after Easter recess

A Morgan Stanley report that was published on Wednesday and forecast a swift end to the country's negotiations with its creditors gave a significant push to the local stock market upon its reopening after the Easter and May Day holidays. The report was particularly bullish on Greek bank stocks, whose index gained 3.01 percent on Wednesday.