Violence against LGBT people

Three suspects linked to perpetrator of ISIL attack on Berlin market caught in Istanbul airport

Three suspects allegedly linked to the slain perpetrator of an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) attack on a Christmas market in Berlin last year have been apprehended at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport, Turkey's Interior Ministry announced on March 20.

Five people murdered per day across Turkey in 2016: Report

Five people were murdered per day across Turkey in 2016, according to a report from the Police Department and the Gendarmerie Command.

Firearms were used the most in the 1,948 murders committed in the country in 2016, the report said.
Most of the murders were committed due to conflicts over money or honor killings, according to official figures. 

Croatian Officials, Activists Condemn LGBT Party Attack

LGBT rights group Zagreb Pride is organising a protest entitled 'Love Is and Remains Stronger than Hate' on Monday at 6pm in the centre of Zagreb, after tear gas was set off at a nightclub in the capital during a LGBT party in the early hours of Sunday - an attack that was strongly condemned by Croatian officials.