COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 1140 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

The number of newly infected with covid in Bulgaria for the last 24 hours is 1140, according to the data of the Unified Information Portal. They were discovered in 11,615 tests, which means that the percentage of positive tests is 9.81. Of the cases for the day, the unvaccinated are 66.75 percent.

Yesterday, the new cases were 377.

1/3 of Europeans have not yet been Vaccinated. Bulgaria is in Last Place

About a third of the European population has not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19, and Bulgaria ranks last in this indicator. This was said online to journalists by Andrea Ammon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, quoted by BTA.

Bulgarian Immunologist: The only Salvation against Covid is to be Immunized Every Year

"Like the flu, immunizations will be made every year, based on circulating variants, which is the only salvation. The annual vaccine is the solution. The three elements - vaccines, drugs and compliance with anti-epidemic measures, which we forget, are the only salvation until the virus is turned into a common infectious respiratory seasonal disease.

1.675 new cases, 41 people died

12.036 people lost the fight against the coronavirus, 41 of them in the previous day.
3.304 people were hospitalized, and 194 were on respirators.
A total of 1.268.787 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Serbia so far.
Let us remind you, 1.884 infected people were registered on Tuesday, and 40 people died.

No additional measures needed, says health minister


Turkey is closely following developments in the wake of the emergence of the new COVID-19 strain, Omicron, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has said, adding that the current situation does not necessitate taking additional measures.

He recalled that Turkey immediately acted after the new variant was detected in the world and imposed travel bans on certain countries.