Germany: Record Number of New Cases of COVID-19 in Germany for Second Day in a Row

A record number of new cases of coronavirus were registered in Germany for the second consecutive day in Germany - over 37,000, TASS reported.

The current peak value of nearly 34,000 new infections was reported only yesterday. However, the previous record was set more than half a year ago.

Bulgarian Prof. Apostolova: People with a Certain Number of Antibodies Can Get a Green Certificate

"People with antibodies who have suffered but are not listed in the Unified Information System can be tested in certified antibody laboratories and, if they have them, also receive a green certificate, this is my opinion," told BNR Professor Margarita Apostolova from BAS - Institute of Molecular Biology.

Why Presence of Antibodies against COVID-19 is not Enough for a Green Pass?

In The Day Begins, Bulgarian virologist Prof. Radka Argirova commented that there is a difference in the antibodies that our immune system builds up after natural infection and after immunization.

Vaccination produces a specific type of neutralizing antibody in the body that is effective in dealing with the coronavirus.

Bulgaria Has Nearly 7 Million Doses of Vaccines

Many people lined up in front of vaccination points in the country in order to obtain a certificate that allows them to continue working.

"We have so far delivered nearly 7 million doses of vaccines, and 2.7 million doses have been injected," Bogdan Kirilov, the executive director of the Medicines Agency, told BNR.