Self-restraint within

We usually express it as a wish. We say that foreign policy matters require maturity and calm. The prudence shown by political parties in the past few days is proof of how much the country can benefit when diplomacy is undisturbed by internal distractions. It is not, of course, a time for celebration.

Editorial: Without self-deceptions

As would be expected public opinion is focused on the new government.

Its decisions and actions will affect the lives of everyone, both those who voted it into office and those who did not.

Thankfully, its first moves indicate that the government has no self-deceptions about what lies ahead.

The Art of Saying No

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it's time for a serious self-analysis. Now be honest with yourself. Who told you to work late hours every day? Really? Why do you need to prove yourself? To whom?

European Legal Experts Back Montenegro Religious Freedom Law

The Venice Commission, a Council of Europe advisory body made up of independent constitutional law experts, said on Monday that the draft religious freedom law was a step forward, but urged the Montenegrin government to organise consultations with the public, including representatives of religious communities, amid tensions with the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Pope in Romania/Pope's message at St. Joseph Cathedral:The problem of faith is lack of joy;without joy we're paralyzed

Bucharest, May 31 /Agerpres/ - The problem of faith is lack of joy, faith wavers when it just floats along in sadness and discouragement, said Pope Francis in the message conveyed, on Friday, at the "St. Joseph" Cathedral in Bucharest. "The living memory of your people preserves this powerful sense of hope against every attempt to dim or extinguish it.