Visual impairment

Visually impaired man runs 13 km every day with cane in hand

With a cane in hand and a handbell, a 43-year-old visually impaired man runs some 13 kilometers a day on the Caddebostan coastal road in Istanbul, despite the crowd.

"I tour this beach three times every evening. It is necessary to remain hopeful and accept life the way it is," Erkan Pehlivanoğlu told Demirören News Agency.

Dutch museum fills ‘Blind Spot’ with exhibit for visually impaired

Visitors to a Dutch exhibition titled "The Blind Spot" may call it a little cheesy - but they mean that as a compliment.
Utrecht Central Museum launched the unusual project this month in a push to make its offerings more accessible and enjoyable for the visually impaired.


Today is The International Day of the Blind People and the World Day of Goodness

On November 13, the world celebrates the International Day of the blind people and the World Day of Goodness.

The two days are coincided on one date because they are connected to each other. The blind people need the support of those who can see, and the good people have an inner need to help.

Turkey welcomes tourists with guide dogs

As the president of Turkey's Guide Dog Association, I often need to travel locally and internationally to promote our work. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to visit these places and connect to the people who live there. As a visually impaired traveler, visiting an unfamiliar place can cause me some anxiety if it does not have the facilities to accommodate me.

The incredible moment this man sees colour for the very first time (VIDEO)


Chances are, you probably don’t think much about colour-blindness unless you’re involved with the condition.

Colour blindness affects around 2.7 million in the UK alone.

The condition usually prevents people from seeing red, green or blue light.

There are also rare cases of people being unable to see any colour at all.

Global Blindness Set to 'Triple by 2050'

The number of blind people across the world is set to triple within the next four decades, researchers suggest, reported BBC.

Writing in Lancet Global Health, they predict cases will rise from 36 million to 115 million by 2050, if treatment is not improved by better funding.

A growing ageing population is behind the rising numbers.

Bulgaria's Kvadrat 500 To Open Exhibition Hall for People With Visual Impairment

A new exhibition hall for people with visual impairment "Touch the Gallery" will open at Kvadrat (Square) 500 on October 13 at 18:30 hrs, reported the press centre of the Ministry of Culture.

It will present works of art of famous Bulgarian artists from the permanent exhibition of Kvadrat 500 adapted to tactile graphics with audio descriptions in Bulgarian and English.