Vladislav Goranov

Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borrisov: New Children's Hospital will be Built in Sofia

The building, intended for a children's hospital in Sofia, will be demolished and a new, specially designed one will be built in its place, Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on May 27 after a meeting with representatives of protesters against the idea to complete an old unfinished building and use it for the National Multi-profile Children's Hospital.

Bulgaria - One Step Away from Getting "Green Light" for Eurozone Waiting Room

Bulgaria's Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov has confirmed that Bulgaria is continuing its plan to enter the ERM-2 exchange rate mechanism. One of the commercial banks in the country still need to comply with the European Central Bank's recommendations for additional capital buffers. In doing so, Bulgaria will meet the requirements for applying to join the European Banking Union and ERM-2.

Bulgaria Prepares for ‘Worst-Case Economic Scenario’

Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov told a press conference on Tuesday that in the worst-case scenario, the Bulgarian economy could shrink by three per cent in 2020 due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

"If the period of isolation continues for three months in total, our economy will recover by the end of 2021," Goranov said.

PM Boyko Borissov: Bulgaria to Enter the Euro Zone Waiting Room by the End of April

Bulgaria is expected to enter the euro zone waiting room by the end of April. This was announced on January 28 by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who attended the annual meeting of the business with the government, organized by Capital newspaper, BNT reported.

Lilyana Pavlova Appointed Vice President and a Member of the Management Committee of the EIB

Former Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council Lilyana Pavlova has been appointed vice president and a member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank, BNR reports.

She is the first Vice-President of the Bank of Bulgaria, with a three-year term of office.

Minister Goranov Expects an Invitation for Bulgaria to Join the Waiting Room for the Euro Area by April 30

Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov has announced that Bulgaria may receive an invitation to the Euro Area waiting room by the end of April next year. He made this prediction to reporters at the Council of Ministers after a meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation, which discussed Budget 2020.

What Is Sure for Budget 2020: 10% Increase in Public Administration Salaries, as well as a Double Increase in Teacher Salaries

It is early to say what the priorities in the 2020 Budget will be, but it certainly includes the planned 10% increase in public administration salaries, as well as a double increase in teacher salaries. This was guaranteed by the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov in the Council of Ministers after the end of the meeting, when he was asked about the priorities for next year.