Plan B in Skopje

There was nothing unexpected about the referendum. It was clear that the government in Skopje would struggle to reach the 50 percent threshold to make the plebiscite. Also certain was that the yes vote would be in a strong lead.

What comes next after the referendum

On Sunday, voters in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are expected to endorse the agreement signed with Greece last June. Although participation in the referendum might come to less than half of the registered voters, the government of Zoran Zaev will press ahead with the necessary constitutional amendment mandated by the agreement.

FYROM sending mixed signals

Ahead of Sunday's crucial referendum on changing the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), the country's political leadership gave conflicting messages to its citizens Thursday, with President Gjorge Ivanov calling for a boycott and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev urging people to get out and vote.