Macedonia MPs Approve Amnesty for Parliament Attackers

All 95 MPs who were present at Tuesday's session in Macedonia's 120-seat parliament voted in favour of the controversial amnesty legislation.

The opposition VMRO DPMNE MPs joined the majority led by the Social Democrats in supporting the law, despite the fact that there amendment aimed at expanding the scope of the amnesty to all participants was rejected earlier in the day. 

FYROM ex-prime minister loses appeal over prison term

A former prime minister of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Friday lost his final appeal against serving a two-year prison sentence over corruption-related charges.

A panel of judges at the Skopje criminal court said in a statement that they rejected Nikola Gruevski's appeal after "reviewing all the facts and evidence" in the case.

Party Officials' Resignations Rock Macedonian Opposition

Several prominent opposition party officials and MPs resigned from their VMRO DPMNE party positions in the past few days, accusing the leadership of isolating the party and taking an anti-Western course which they do not want to follow.

The most recent to resign, on Wednesday, was the head of the party's youth union, Luka Krzaloski.