Santorini ranks among top honeymoon spots for Brits

The Greek island of Santorini ranks third among the top honeymoon destinations for British couples, according to a survey conducted by personal finance company NerdWallet.

The top international destination for Britons' honeymoons in 2021 is the Maldives, with the Hawaiian island of Maui ranking second, just above Santorini.

'Fast-food' bar frozen in Pompeii ash gives clues on Roman snacking habits

A 2,000-year-old fast-food stall unearthed from the ash of Pompeii has given researchers new clues about the snacking habits of the ancient Romans.

The ornate snack bar counter, decorated with polychrome patterns and frozen by volcanic ash, was partially exhumed last year but archaeologists extended work on the site to reveal it in its full glory.

Take a tour of Santorini like no other

Close your eyes for a moment. When you open them, you'll find yourself in the main square of Fira, on the southern Aegean island of Santorini. Then, as if by magic, you're flying above the cable car, down to the sea and plunging into the caldera to explore the underwater crater before emerging on Nea Kameni to tour the volcanic islet.

Greece opens up tourism for its 'most difficult' summer

For Giorgos Georgoulas, an experienced tourism professional on the world-renowned Greek island of Santorini, this summer will be really tough for tourism.

"This is a tragic, a disastrous year. We will just try to cover a fraction of our expenses this summer," said Georgoulas, who runs a boat tour agency at Oia town on Santorini.

Santorini port cleaned, Andros seabed still a mess

Divers cleaned up the seabed in the old port of Fira on the island of Santorini for the first time on Monday, removing 340 kilograms of waste. The operation was organized by members of the island's diving centers and volunteers.

"The caldera has a peculiarity, the slopes are steep at its bottom," said Dimitris Kampanos, a diving instructor.

Etna Volcano Erupted Again

Etna, the word's most active volcano, erupted and threw into the air a pillar of ash 4.5 km high into the sky in Sicily

Volcanologists and seismologists have detected volcanic activity in a crater on the southeastern slope of Mount Etna at night. 

The ashes were erupting for three hours.

The volcano is now under surveillance. /vesti.bg