Ashes from a Russian Volcano Reached the Stratosphere (Video)

The Shiveluch Volcano of Kamchatka has ejected a pylon of ash 11 kilometers above sea level, TASS reportedly referring to Russian vulcanologists. The announcement is made by scientists from the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Group of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismic Activity of the Far Eastern Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dozens of Bulgarians are Blocked on the Tourist Island of Bali Due to the Eruption of Agung Volcano

Dozens of Bulgarians are blocked on the tourist island of Bali because of the eruption of Agung volcano, bTV reported.

A spokesman for the airport said there are no volcanic ash on the slopes yet, but the observations show that it rises to over 7600 meters in height and points to the airport south and southwest.

Bali International Airport Remains Closed due to Agung Volcano Eruption (Live Stream)

Bali's international airport remains closed for another 24 hours due to the Agung volcano eruption, world agencies say. The aviation authorities have announced that the air corridors for the planes are filled with volcanic ash. Since Saturday, the volcano has been hurling smoke at a height of several thousand meters, and now lava is erupting.