Fears volcano in Bali could erupt after strong earthquake hits Indonesia (video)

A strong undersea earthquake has struck off the coast of holiday hotspot, Bali.
The 5.7 magnitude quake was detected northeast of Kemeduran, which is northwest of Bali, on Thursday, the US Geological Survey has confirmed. With a magnitude of almost 6, the earthquake is classified as moderate to strong. It was measured at a depth of 588km.

Astronomers Registered a New Powerful Solar Eruption

Another severe solar eruption with mark of X8,2 was recorded on Sunday evening. Reports Chronicle. 

The X-ray Astronomy Laboratory of the Physics Institute "P. N. Lebedev "published a schedule of solar activity, according to which the eruption was from 18.35 am to 19.31 am on Sunday Moscow time. The peak of activity was at 19.06.

Santorini: Out of this World…

Santorini is an island best known for its volcanic complex which creates a very interesting landscape, making Santorini stand out from other islands. The last recorded volcanic activity was in 1950, with the last underwater eruption occurring in 1650; since then the majority of the volcanic complex is dormant.

Nisyros: The Sleeping Giant of the Dodecanese (PHOTOS)

Visualize the scene: above the Aegean Sea, the war between the Giants and the Olympian Gods is raging. Poseidon, the god of the sea, is giving chase to a giant by the name of Polyvotis. When he finally catches up with him, near Kos in the south-east, he uses his trident to tear off a chunk of the island, which he then catapults on top of Polyvotis.

Kamchatka Volcano Klyuchevskaya Erupted

The Kamchatka filial of the geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Science registered eruption and 6km pillar of ash from Klyuchevskaya volcano positioned on the peninsula, reported RIA Novosti.

'This Wednesday morning local time the volcano blasted ash in to the atmosphere and it spread on more than 60km southwest of the volcano, writes the agency.

9 Reasons to visit the volcanic Greek island of Nisyros

Nisyros is not your typical Greek island. This small land mass in the Aegean is also an active volcano. It is the youngest along a rift in the Southern Aegean and has experienced at least three major eruptions in the past 45,000 years. One of these, around 16,000 years ago, was particularly destructive, blanketing a wide area with volcanic ash.