Volkswagen raises forecast for electric car production

Automaker Volkswagen is accelerating its move into battery-powered cars, saying it will reach its goal of 1 million electric cars per year two years earlier than planned. Dec. 27's announcement came as European automakers are under pressure to meet lower emissions limits aimed at fighting global warming.

Volkswagen Plant Will be in Plovdiv, not in Turkey, the City's Deputy Mayor Believes

There is no final decision of the Volkswagen Group where it will make its new plant, but we see that the construction in Turkey has not started yet, Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov told his colleagues in Plovdiv in response to a question whether Bulgaria and in particular Plovdiv lost the battle for Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Managers Are Being Investigated for Giving Excessively High Salaries to Certain Employees

German prosecutors say they have charged four current and former personnel managers at Volkswagen executives of providing excessive salaries and bonuses to several members of the employee council.

The action benefited five council members, which cost the car giant about $ 5.1 million in overpayments, prosecutors said.

Volkswagen Is not Looking for a New Place to Build its Plant

Volkswagen is not looking for an alternative site to build a new plant after deciding to freeze its project in Turkey. This was stated by a representative of the company to German media.

"We are watching developments very closely. Our plans for Turkey are currently on hold," Leslie Bothge told Anadolu Agency.