"Volya" Won't Support the Deal for the Purchase of the F-16 Aircraft

"Volya" won't support the deal for the purchase of eight F-16 fighters in the plenary, the party's press centre reported. The deal must be submitted for ratification by Parliament by the end of this week.

Volya's deputies will vote against the purchase of fighters in the defense committee scheduled for tomorrow and the Budget and Finance Committee scheduled for Wednesday.

‘Build Peace and Bridges’, Pope Francis Urges Bulgarians

After a tightly-packed three-day programme, Pope Francis left Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with a call for the country to continue "building peace and bridges" with its neighbours.

"Keep building peace, sow goodness," the pontiff told Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who saw him off as he departed for North Macedonia for the next leg of his Balkan trip.

Controversial Bulgarian Politician Reacts to Pope Francis Message of Acceptance of Refugees in Bulgaria

The visiting Pope Francis urged us not to bring back anyone who knocked on the doors of our country. So he has taken a political stance in support of the migratory wave that destroys Europe. The leader of Volya and deputy chairman of the National Assembly Veselin Mareshki immediately reacted with a very strong argument against this appeal. He said he disagreed with the pope's words.

Bulgarian Parliament Rejected the Presidential Veto on Changes to the Electoral Code

Bulgarian MPs as expected rejected the veto of President Rumen Radev on the controversial changes in the Electoral Code. The law will be sent to the President for promulgation in the State Gazette within seven days, National Assembly President Tsveta Karayancheva announced.