Prosecutor orders investigation into fire at catering factory linked to mass food poisoning in schools

A Supreme Court prosecutor has ordered officials in Lamia to investigate the causes of a fire that completely destroyed the factory of a catering company that has been linked to an outbreak of food poisoning among primary schoolchildren.

The Giannitsis factory, which was located in an industrial part of the Central Greece city, was completely gutted in a fire on Sunday evening.

87 soldiers hospitalized at barracks after suffering from vomiting, nausea in Turkey's Marmaris

A total of 87 soldiers at a military barracks in the southwestern resort district of Marmaris were hospitalized in the Aegean province of Muğla over a period of three days after suffering from nausea and vomiting, Doğan News Agency reported on June 29. 

Teen dies from TSS caused by a tampon (pics + vid)

Not many women read the fine print when it comes to tampon packaging so a mother whose teen died from sepsis after using tampons is on a campaign to teach tampon users to read the danger signs of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Young Jemma-Louise Roberts, aged 13, felt unwell while on family holiday. She was wrongly diagnosed with Norovirus, a winter vomiting bug.