Voter turnout

Sociologists: Voter Turnout to Reach 55 - 60%

A study of the Estat agency on political attitudes of Bulgarians, conducted days before the parliamentary elections on March 26, shows that voter turnout would be between 55 and 60 percent, according to BNR.

The study forecasts that six parties would enter Parliament - GERB, Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Volya (''Will''), United Patriots, DPS and the Reformist Bloc.

Bulgarian Election System Referendum 'Binding on Parliament' - Prosecution

The Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office has described the results of a recent referendum on the country's election system as "binding".

The development comes after an intitial ruling by election authorities that the referendum results fall short of the turnout that would make the result mandatory.

Bulgaria TV Show Host 'Yet to Decide' on Founding Party after Referendum

Bulgarian talkshow host Slavi Trifonov has said it "will depend on circumstances" whether or not he will set up a party after a referendum held along with the presidential elections.

Following the three-question referendum on the voting system, Trifonov has told the media his referendum proves the status quo can be changed.

Bulgaria's President May Refer 'Protest Vote' Option to Top Court

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has threatened to refer to the Constitutional Court of the country the "Not Voting for Anyone" option in the ballots that will be used in the presidential elections.

The option will be used for the first time on November 06 after amendments were introduced to the Electoral Code this spring, which also made it compulsory to vote.

RIK: Voter turnout 47.68 percent at 6 pm

BELGRADE - The voter turnout in Sunday's elections in Serbia was 47.68 percent at 6 pm, the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) announced.

The director of the national statistical office Miladin Kovacevic said that 47.44 percent of registered voters in central Serbia have voted by 6 pm, as have 48.34 percent and 47.14 percent of voters in Vojvodina and Belgrade, respectively.

Voting is now mandatory in Bulgaria

Bulgaria on Thursday introduced mandatory voting for its citizens, France's AFP agency is reporting.

According to this, the motive behind the decision is the Bulgarian government's hope to boost low election turnout "and battle rampant vote-buying in one of the European Union's most corrupt countries."