Bulgarian Election Commission Spokesperson: Preparations for EP Elections go as Planned

Preparations for the elections to the European Parliament scheduled for Sunday, 26th of May, are going well and the deadlines for their organization are met, the spokesperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Alexander Andreev told BNT on May 21.

#EuropeanParliamentElections2019/MAE: Over 4 mil. ballot papers have been sent abroad for both elections on Sunday

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) announced that it completed on Monday the shipping of the necessary materials for voting to the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania, in view of ensuring a smooth running of the voting process abroad in the elections to the European Parliament and the national referendum of 26 May.

#EuropeanParliamentElections2019/MAE started sending ballot papers for European elections and referendum to polling stations abroad

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) started on Thursday to send the necessary material for the voting abroad in the elections to the European Parliament and the national referendum on Justice, mentioning that it is the biggest number of ballot papers to be sent abroad - over 4 million.

Central Electoral Commission Received Another BGN 9 million For the Machine Vote

The government also allocated an additional BGN 9 million to the Central Electoral Commission to secure the machine vote for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament on 26 May.

They will cover additional costs for the CEC to ensure machine vote during the European elections.

Bulgaria’s Election Commission Presented the Ballot Paper for the EP Elections

On May 2, Bulgaria's Central Election Commission presented the ballot paper for the European Parliament elections. It has two columns, reports BNT.

The first column (from 1 to 27) presents the order of parties, coalitions and independent candidates, as determined by the draw held by the CEC. The last, 28th box is for the "I do not support anyone" option, which was introduced in 2016.

CEC Announces Public Procurement Contract to Hire 3,000 voting Machines for European Elections

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has opened a bidding procedure for the award of a public procurement contract with the subject: "Hiring of 3,000 special devices with installed software for electronic machine voting", according to the CEC's website.