Voting theory

Why voters abstained in the European election

The majority of Greek citizens spoke through silence and abstained from the recent European election. Voter turnout was just 41%, much lower than that in the June 2023 national election (54%). To interpret this record high abstention rate, one common and one more dramatic explanation have been suggested. The first tells us that the European Parliament elections are not of interest to citizens.

PM says ruling party ‘did not reach goal’ it had set

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Sunday admitted that the ruling Conservatives fell short of the target set by himself before the European Elections, citing a record abstention and protest vote as possible causes.

In the last exit poll published by the Ministry of Interior, New Democracy is seen securing 27.9% of the vote, five percentage points below the intended 33%.

Parties troubled by abstention of young people

With the June 9 European elections looming, Greek political parties are concerned about the high rate of abstention of young people aged 17-30, after an analysis of the qualitative data of the postal vote. 

Indicatively, in the two major urban centers of Attica and Thessaloniki, a total of 59,468 voters have registered, of whom only about 10,000 are young people, less than 17%.

Lawyers extend strike action to January 19

The lawyers' abstention has been extended until January 19 after a decision of the plenary session of the country's bar associations with a vote of 46-12, with the minority voting in favor of a complete abstention from all proceedings. 

Accordingly, lawyers will refrain from criminal trials, as well as those pertaining to public interest, enforcement of rulings and payment orders.