Bulgaria: Voting Machines in Short Supply, 1,000 More Needed for Snap Election

About 1,000 additional voting machines will have to be secured for the early parliamentary elections on July 11, the Central Election Commission (CEC) told a news briefing on Thursday. According to CEC spokesperson Rositsa Mateva, the voting machines secured for the local elections and by-elections can be used on July 11 or, in case of ballotage, there is an option for software updates.

Signatures for waters act referendum delivered to parliament

Ljubljana – A civil initiative opposing the latest changes to the waters act has submitted almost 50,000 signatures in support of its initiative to hold a referendum on the law, which was passed at the end of March. The National Assembly must now meet to formally call a referendum in seven days.

Central Election Commission Says Where Bulgarians Will Vote Abroad

The Central Election Commission has announced a list of places abroad where polling stations will operate during the snap parliamentary elections on July 11, and their estimated number of polling stations. A decision was made according to the places abroad where at least one polling station was formed after July 11, 2016 and not less than 100 citizens voted, BNR reporter Maria Kostova informed.