Astir Marina: This is the new “jewel” in the Athenian Riviera

The Athenian Riviera is being transformed into an international destination with a cosmopolitan character thanks to ambitious projects such as that of Astir Marina Vouliagmeni.

Greece’s leading yacht club offers hospitality on large yachts, a wealth of amenities and unparalleled privacy, while its microcosm includes fine restaurants, luxury shops and the beautiful Astir Peninsula.

Arrests expected over allegations yacht caused fire on Hydra

The luxury yacht allegedly involved in a fire that broke out on Friday in a remote spot on Hydra is now near Vouliagmeni marina, south of Athens, where, according to information, the authorities intend to make arrests.

It is understood that a captain of a nearby vessel boat who witnessed the incident has provided authorities with a statement.

Old mine destroyed in controlled explosion

A World War II anti-tank mine found in the sea in southern Athens was destroyed in a controlled explosion on Thursday morning. 

The mine was found on Wednesday night by a swimmer in the area of Kavouri, at a depth of 1.5 meters.

The detonation was carried out by the Hellenic Navy's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team after securing the area between Kavouri Avenue and Leto street.

Top party: The beach

The roadside above Limanakia in the southern Athenian suburb of Vouliagmeni was lined with parked cars on Sunday. People began flocking to the coastal coves early in the afternoon and stayed until late in the evening. Similar scenes were seen at other beaches in Attica - the beaches of Legrena and Alimos were also packed - as well as almost everywhere else in the country.

Fitness on the Beach | Athens | May 25-26

The Athens Fitness Festival transforms Vouliagmeni Beach into an impressive seaside gym on May 25-26. Featuring group workouts, new exercise programs, and over 100 renowned instructors, the event offers a comprehensive fitness-wellness-entertainment experience. Highlights include aqua fitness, calisthenics, yoga and more, alongside new attractions like the Pure Strength Stage and Hybrid Race.