Vučić met with a woman who suffered obstetric violence: "Thank you for your courage"

Vui pointed out that he is very sorry for everything that happened.
"We can't revive the child, but we can try to make sure it never happens in the future. I saw that all the midwives were very fair and that they mostly confirmed what you said," said Vui.
Marica thanked the president for receiving her.

Vučić threatened with murder: The man who mentioned assassination got arrested

He threatened to kill Aleksandar Vucic on the X social network.
As reported by the media, it is about a network user with the initials O.S., who wrote on that social network the following: "An assassination, realistically, would be a blessing", commenting on the post "The entire program of the opposition can and must be reduced to one point: the arrest of Aleksandar Vui".

Vučić: It's important to continue to take care of people, to work even harder VIDEO

"It is important that we continue to take care of people, to work even harder, even more strongly for our people. People are our strength, thank you all, Serbia must not stop," said Vui in the description of the video on his Instagram account.

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Vučić on TV Prva: Bomb alerts resolve within 48 hours; Memorial center must be built

Apart from Vui, the guests were lawyer Milan Antonijevi and playwright Biljana Srbljanovi.
"I don't have special opinion about the ProGlas initiative, people should read it, it doesn't say anything. It's empty reading, not completely written, there's nothing, there's even nonsense about how we're declining demographically," said Vui.

Vučić speaks: "I will not be President if those who speak badly about Serbia win"

President Vucic talks about what has been achieved, but also about the plans for the next period, as well as the upcoming elections.
"During my visit to Kruevac, I said that I am a bit tired of everything I face on a daily basis. I always say what we have done and what the plans are, and it is almost impossible to answer all the accusations against the family," said Vui.

Vucic with Wozniak: The legend of the IT industry becomes a Serbian citizen VIDEO

During his address to the media, Vui first introduced Wozniak and his achievements.
"For us, the conversation about education was of key importance - how to change the awareness of all people that education is one of the most important links for us," said Vui.
He added that this was an exceptional opportunity to present the EXPO.

Brnabić: "The program of the opposition is hatred towards Vučić" VIDEO

Brnabi stated that Vui is also to blame for the fact that other people sing offensive songs about him, such as the SPS member from Blac.
She was hosted in the morning program of Prva television and pointed out that the opposition has shown that their campaign consists only and exclusively of hatred towards Aleksandar Vui and that absolutely everyone is unanimous in that position.