Vučić answers questions on TikTok: He revealed his favorite school subjects VIDEO

According to him, his favorite subjects at school were physical education, geography and history.
At the university, his favorite subjects were constitutional law, introduction to law and commercial law, reveals Vui.
He points out that the Queen's Gambit is his favorite opening in chess, but now he plays the King's Gambit more often.

Vučić in Užice: Two MRI devices provided; "I will not serve foreign embassies" VIDEO

The hall was filled with a large number of people, and in front of the hall there were still people who could not enter because the capacity was filled.
At the end, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, addresses the crowd. The gathered citizens greeted him with thunderous applause and chants.

Vučić: There will be no other elections till 2027, we seal our destiny on December 17

At the very beginning, Vui, hosted on TV Tanjug, looked back on 30 years on the Serbian political scene.
"I remember that back in 1993 I was at a forum in Block 60, as a spectator. It was in the midst of Jens's plan and the fierce attack of the Socialists on the Radicals. I said, as a kid, I want to support it, and that's how it started," revealed Vui .

Vučić responded to the brutal attacks: "I am proud of my father; We will save Serbia"

"When I announced the elections, I asked all political actors to be fair. Unfortunately, the campaign started with brutal insults, the likes of which we haven't seen in decades," said Vui.
As he said, such a campaign has not been seen for years, not only in our country but also in the wider area.

Vučić hosted Janković family from Kosovo and Metohija PHOTO

Lazar Jankovi is the 1,000th baby born in the hospital in Pasjan since the opening of this health facility in 2015.
Vui thanked Jankovic family for being here today.
"Lazar was the 1,000th child born in Pasjan. Now there are already 1,040 children born there," said Vui.
He noted that the birth rate at the so-called Kosovo is larger than in the rest of Serbia.

Launch of "Find me" system; Vučić: Nothing is more important than the life of a child

The system refers to the urgent notification of the public in the event of the disappearance of a minor.
At the very beginning, Igor Juri spoke and thanked everyone for coming to support the application, but also to discuss the safety of children.