Vučić met with Pendarovski PHOTO/VIDEO

Vui and Pendarovski decided to visit the monastery first, and then hold a meeting.
Vui stated that the reconstruction of the monastery was done.
Pendarovski laid a wreath at the memorial fountain in the gate of the monastery.
Ministers Nikola Selakovi and Bratislav Gai also attended the reception of the delegation from North Macedonia.

Vučić organized reception for Serbian children from the region: ''This is your home''

"Thank you very much for being here today, this is your home and you are not guests here, you are on your own. This is your country and it will always welcome you with open arms," Vui said.
He told the children that it is up to them to play, learn and love their country, and that the state will do everything to provide them with the best living conditions.

Vučić with Giaufret on Serbia's path to EU and construction of Belgrade-Niš railway

Vui announced on the Instagram account "buducnostsrbijeav" that he hosted Giaufret for a working lunch.
"I am particularly happy that today we were able to discuss the beginning of the construction of the Belgrade-Nis high-speed railway. Of course, we discussed for a long time all the important issues for the EU road to Serbia," said Vui.