Vučić opened the highway: "By the end of 2024, we'll connect Čačak and Kraljevo"VIDEO

President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, who is attending today the opening of the section of the Moravian Corridor from Pojate to Makreane, arrived at the first point of that section, at the ievac toll station.
"It looks wonderful," Vucic said during the tour.

Vučić was urgently admitted to the hospital

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, was urgently admitted to the hospital, but not to the VMA, according to the media.
As reported by the media, opposition sympathizers published a series of tweets on social networks today in which they stated that President Vui had urgently ended at the VMA and added that it happened "the second time in twenty days".

New attack by Albanians: Serbian young man stabbed in Kosovo PHOTO

"A 20-year-old young man, uzi Boban, was stabbed in the shoulder by two Albanians in the village of Mogila, municipality of Vitina," Vui said.
Vui said that he expects that our Western partners will react "to appease the two sides".
Vui said that this is the result of the hatred that Albin Kurti's regime and its media promote against Serbs.

Foto: B92

General chaos and fighting in the Parliament VIDEO

Almost from the very beginning, the session was tense, because the representatives of the opposition constantly threw insults at Vui during his introductory speech, for which the Speaker of the Parliament, Vladimir Orli, warned them several times. Also, the representatives of the opposition brought several banners into the hall.
On one of them was written "No capitulation".

Vučić: He threatened me, Kurti's errand boy

Vui presented Orban with the Order of the Republic of Serbia on a Grand Collar for exceptional services in developing and strengthening peaceful cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries.
Regarding the words of Srdjan Milivojevi, that his son and brother will be found like Gaddafi, Vui says that the opposition is powerless to win with arguments.

Vučić: "Why would we care about the Constitution of the so-called Kosovo?"

Vui referred to the announcement of the European External Action Service (EEAS), which expressed concern over "the increase in inflammatory rhetoric between the officials of Belgrade and Pristina" and said that he has no comment. "That's for the best," stated Vui.

Vučić at the commemoration of Operation "Storm": "We'll never be silent again" PHOTO

Tonight, Novi Sad was in memory of the victims of the biggest ethnic cleansing after the Second World War, and the sympathy of all who came to support the victims of persecution and pay their respects to those who died and went missing during "the biggest ethnic cleansing on European soil after WWII", the biggest crime against the Serbian people in recent history.

Vučić received Norbert Beckman-Dirkes on a farewell visit PHOTO

"Many thanks to my dear friend Norbert Beckman-Dirkes for the support and understanding he showed towards Serbia and the contribution he made during his mandate to the European integration of our country. I wish him much success in his future work", Vui announced on Instagram.

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