Walls Turkey erects on its east means a shift toward Europe

By building walls on its eastern borders, Turkey has implicated it is turning its face to the West. These walls are also NATO walls, according to prominent academic Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, who analyzes the meaning of more than 60 walls between states in the post-Cold War era in her new book ‘Wall’

Historic city walls covered with roof, converted for wedding hall in Istanbul

The Fatih Municipality of Istanbul has controversially converted historic city walls, on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites protected list, for the construction of a new wedding hall, covering them with a portable roof after receiving permission from the Provincial Board of Cultural Property Protection. 

Turkey sealing Syrian border with giant wall

The Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) has undertaken the construction of the remaining 700 kilometers of the wall being built on Turkey's border with war-torn Syria, after the construction of the initial 200-kilometer-long concrete wall on the border was completed jointly by the Defense Ministry and neighboring provinces governor's offices. 

Bringing solitude back to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'

?Roger Waters The Wall? premiered on Sept. 28 in New York and was screened worldwide the next day for one day only before its release on DVD?The Wall? was a classic reflection on human isolation, but Roger Waters transformed the Pink Floyd album into an elaborate, crowd-packing arena show that was one of the top-grossing in history.