Two Greeks seen behind Europe-wide illegal TV streaming platform

Two Greeks aged 27 and 31 are suspected of being the brains behind a Europe-wide illegal television streaming platform believed to be responsible for causing an estimated 6.5 million euros' worth of damage to licensed pay-TV providers, Greece's Athens-Macedonian News Agency reported on Thursday.

Police seize 14,000 fake brand-name items in Thessaloniki

Some 14,000 fake brand-name items, including wallets and assorted accessories, were seized on Wednesday after coordinated police raids at three retail stores in an area known as Thessaloniki's "Chinatown."

The raids were conducted after a complaint filed to authorities by a legal representative of a company that distributes the brand names that were being ripped off.

Worker given EUR 50 after finding and returning EUR 40,000

Although he did not wish to receive any reward, Sinisa Dabic was given 50 euros from the owner, who got back his lost bag that contained a laptop, and a wallet with EUR 40,000 in it.

Dabic, whom his colleagues describe as "an exemplary worker," told Prva TV that he found the black bag in the parking lot, and that his first thought was to call the police.

Police seize thousands of contraband goods in Halkidiki

Police in Halkidiki, northern Greece, seized more than 4,500 contraband goods in a crackdown at tourist resorts in the area between August 7 and 11, according to a police statement released on Saturday.

The raids led to the arrest of eight people believed to have been touting the goods - seven Bangladeshi nationals and a Senegalese man.

School girl praised after returning fat wallet

Police in Serres, northern Greece, on Thursday sang the praises of a middle-school student who handed in a wallet containing nearly 3,400 euros.

Police described the young girl as a "role model" and said that when she was informed she could keep the money if the wallet's owner could not be traced, she asked that it be donated to a charity.