War in Donbass

Moscow's retaliation: "Dagger" (Kh-47M2 Kinzhal) was used; It's payback time...VIDEO

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced today that the armed forces of Russia carried out an intensive attack on military facilities in Ukraine, in response to the terrorist actions organized by Kyiv in the Bryansk region, which is a border region of Russia.

Macron in shock: They don't trust us?

At least that's what the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, told journalists, reports AP.
In addition to the old reflex and "historical memory" of the era of colonization, but also the recent wars of the West in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the bombing of Yugoslavia, this was particularly noticeable when it comes to views and attitudes towards the war in Ukraine.

Boris Johnson: Putin threatened to lob missile at me

President Vladimir Putin threatened to personally target Boris Johnson with a missile attack just before ordering Russian forces into Ukraine, the former UK prime minister has claimed.

The apparent threat came in a phone call just ahead of the invasion on February 24, according to a new BBC documentary to be broadcast on Monday.