Syrian girl from viral video begins new life in Turkey

Salwa, a 3-year-old Syrian girl who became famous for heaving with laughter despite bombings by the Syrian regime in the war-torn country's northwestern province of Idlib, was brought to Turkey on Feb. 25 to give her a safer childhood.

Salwa, who was taught by her father to laugh at the sound of bombs, recently arrived in Turkey with her family to begin a new life.

170,000 people living in the open in northwestern Syria: UN

An estimated 170,000 of the 900,000 civilians forced from their homes in a massive wave of displacement in northwestern Syria are living out in the open, the U.N. said on Feb. 20.    

The largest displacement since the civil war in Syria broke out nearly nine years ago comes in the thick of winter, with temperatures often dipping below zero Celsius and snow covering some districts.  

Greece, US and France hold joint military drills

French amphibious assault ship Dixmude, which serves as a helicopter carrier, is seen through the yawning hatch of a Hellenic Army Chinook after takeoff during a joint Greek-US-French military exercise on the Aegean island of Skyros on Friday. Troops were simulating the operation of recapturing a Greek island from enemy forces.

Greece, Israel and Cyprus call Turkey’s planned Libya deployment ‘dangerous escalation’

Turkey's bill allowing troop deployment in Libya marks a dangerous escalation in the North African country's civil war and severely threatens stability in the region, a joint statement by Greece, Israel and Cyprus said late on Thursday.

Bulgaria is Ready to Accept more Vietnamese Students and Post-Graduate Students

Bulgaria is ready to accept more Vietnamese students and post-graduate students. Our higher education is well known in your country for its quality, many Vietnamese citizens have received Bulgarian diplomas and now hold important positions in public administration and business.