Ghosts of history

It's quite tragic that, 75 years after the Greek civil war, we have reached the point where prominent resistance leader Aris Velouchiotis is a central "figure" in an electoral campaign. As a country we had a hard time putting all that behind us.

Thе Bulgarian Military Equipment Is In Critical Condition and Endangers the Life of the Personnel

23% of the armoured vehicles (48% of which are tanks), 80% of the aviation equipment and 10% of the ships that are in service at the Bulgarian army are malfunctioning, learned BulgarianMilitary.com on the basis of the Report on the state of defence and armaments, which the Bulgarian Cabinet passed at its last regular meeting and submitted to parliament for approval.

Bulgarian Exports to Vietnam in 2018 Amounted to $ 33.0 million in 2018

,,In 2018 between Bulgaria and Vietnam, a total turnover of USD 88.8 million was achieved. The increase compared to 2017 is about 10%, but I think we have a higher potential to realize.'' This was said by the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov during a meeting with the Vietnamese Ambassador HE. Mr.

Trump Creates Space Troops

U.S. President Donald Trump signed a directive on Tuesday to outline the establishment of the Space Force as the newest branch of the military, reported VOA NEWS. 

Space Policy Directive 4, which VOA obtained a copy of ahead of the signing, says the force will adapt U.S. national security "to deter aggression and protect our interest" in space.

Birchall, in Washington DC: We have received assurances that, as strategic partner, US will continue to be alongside Romania

Bucharest, Feb 9 /Agerpres/ - Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall had a meeting with John Bolton, US President's National Security Advisor on Friday, in which they also discussed the recent statements by Russian Federation's officials on the defensive facilities at Deveselu.