Polluters of Diavata fields charged with violating environmental protection laws

Police have identified a husband and wife, aged 70 and 65, who dumped waste in fields in the area of Diavata in Thessaloniki and charged them with violating environmental protection laws.

The 65-year-old owns a company that specializes in emptying and cleaning cesspools and unblocking blocking hydraulic installations.

Ankara, EU Commission meet to discuss ‘waste’

The European Commission and the Turkish trade and environment ministries have discussed the EU's Waste Shipment Regulation draft in Brussels, with Ankara demanding the end of waste shipment from Europe to Türkiye.

The Turkish delegation emphasized that the prevention of illegal waste shipment and its damage to the environment is a "shared goal."

The waste processing units for eastern Thessaloniki and Larissa are being auctioned

Shortly before the end of 2022, notices were published for the construction of two important waste management infrastructures. These are the Waste Treatment Units (WTUs) of the Eastern Sector of Western Macedonia and Larissa, with a budget of 241.9 million euros and 54.6 million euros.

53 tons of waste collected from Marmara Sea

Some 53 tons of waste have been collected in nine months within the scope of a project initiated to carry out awareness training on marine cleaning in the Marmara Sea.

According to the report, between September 2021 and June 2022, 52.5 tons of waste, equivalent to the daily waste generated by approximately 46,000 people, were collected and recycled.