Water management

Tender process to begin for major irrigation projects

Five of 21 planned irrigation projects, with an estimated budget of €800 million, are ready to proceed with the call for binding bids.

The largest project, worth €210million, is the irrigation of the Xanthi plain, in northeastern Greece, from the Nestos River.

The EU's Recovery Fund will contribute 30% of the cost.

‘Sponge cities’ to be established for water efficiency

The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry is planning to use a new "sponge city" concept that absorbs rain waters within the scope of water efficiency measures on a national scale.

Within this scope, ecological infrastructure and drainage systems will be created in cities, and roadsides or sidewalks will be covered with surface coatings that allow water to pass through.

44 Countries Without Water by 2040, 2.8 Billion People will be Thirsty in 2025

By 2040, over 44 countries will face severe water scarcity. In general, the Mediterranean countries belong to the regions of the planet with the highest risk of drought and water scarcity. Today, Europe is already facing the longest period of drought in the last 500 years. This is according to an analysis by Prof. Dr. Yannis Maniatis and Ph.D.

Drought-hit Milan to close fountains

The mayor of Milan on June 25 announced the northern Italian city's fountains would be switched off as part of water restrictions imposed due to a drought.

Beppe Sala announced the measures the day after the wider Lombardy region declared a state of emergency to last until Sept. 30, directing mayors to curtail non-essential water use.

Water Supply Cut in Haskovo over Higher Values of Uranium

Water Quality Commission -Haskovo urged local consumers not to use the water for drinking purposes because of the possibility of inflated values of natural uranium, the company warns.

The crisis came after an accident at theYabalkovo pumping station. Because of the shutdown of the seed station, one of the tanks responsible for mixing the water has been exhausted.