Water supply

‘Istanbul not to face water shortage in 2023’

The level of water in Istanbul's dams stands at 31 percent, the head of the Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (İSKİ) has said, stressing that there will be no water shortage in 2023.

A total of nine dams with different capacities meet the water needs of Istanbul, Şafak Başa said, adding that the current amount of water in these dams is 31 percent.

Bulgaria: Eighth Day of Clearing in the Flooded Villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina

On the eighth day, the victims of the floods in the villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina in Karlovo region are clearing the tons of mud and trees brought by the water element.

How to help the affected people read here.

And today, people who find it too much to cope with the damage of the disaster alone will rely on the help of volunteers.

44 Countries Without Water by 2040, 2.8 Billion People will be Thirsty in 2025

By 2040, over 44 countries will face severe water scarcity. In general, the Mediterranean countries belong to the regions of the planet with the highest risk of drought and water scarcity. Today, Europe is already facing the longest period of drought in the last 500 years. This is according to an analysis by Prof. Dr. Yannis Maniatis and Ph.D.

Kosovo Charges Two Company Officials Over Water Poisoning Case

The Peja/Pec Basic Prosecution charged two officials of the Kosovo water supply company Hidrodrini in Peja/Pec, related to water poisoning in Decan/Decani in July 2021.

Prosecutor Dorjan Juniku confirmed on Monday that they were charged with involvement in the poisoning of around 1,500 people in the Decan/Decani area.

UN: In 2050, 5 Billion People may have Difficulty Accessing Water

More than five billion people could have difficulty accessing water in 2050, the UN warned on Tuesday, urging leaders to take the initiative at the COP26 summit.

As early as 2018, 3.6 billion people had inadequate access to water for at least a month a year, according to a new report by the UN World Meteorological Organization.

Water Supply Cut in Haskovo over Higher Values of Uranium

Water Quality Commission -Haskovo urged local consumers not to use the water for drinking purposes because of the possibility of inflated values of natural uranium, the company warns.

The crisis came after an accident at theYabalkovo pumping station. Because of the shutdown of the seed station, one of the tanks responsible for mixing the water has been exhausted.


We are not going to face with the German scenario, but with another one

In Western Europe, about 200 people lost their lives, entire villages and even cities were flooded. The damage is huge, and the Germans are now threatened by toxic sludge. What worried us in Serbia was the large amount of precipitation that fell on our country, but also the Danube, which "collects" all that water from Europe.