Pletna latest addition to Slovenia's intangible cultural heritage

Building and handling Pletna boats is a skill passed on from one generation to another and an established local tradition popular among visitors of the Bled lakeside resort.

The Bled island was a pilgrimage site already in the 12th century, with locals setting up piers and transporting people to the island. Even back then, they used boats they built themselves.

Hot and Sunny, without Rainfalls

Today it will be mostly sunny, after noon - hot. Above the mountains cumulus clouds will form in the afternoon, but precipitation is unlikely. It will blow weak to moderate north, in the Danube plain - a western wind. Maximum temperatures will be between 30 and 35 degrees.

Atmospheric pressure is higher than the average for June - it will drop rapidly.

Top 10 sites for camping in Turkey

From the Black Sea region to the serene beauty of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Turkey offers picturesque camping sites for those seeking a budget-friendly holiday in the wilderness. Click through for our list, prepared by İnci Hazal Özcan, including the best ten camping sites in Turkey that you should know about: