World’s first all-carbon superyacht Khalilah stands off Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey's tourism hotspot in the Aegean coasts, which has become a destination for million-dollar luxury yachts over the last decade, has welcomed its first superyacht of the year docked in Yalıkavak Marina on the north of the Bodrum Peninsula.

With the Marshall Islands flag on it, "Khalilah," the 48-meter-long superyacht, belongs to Russian oil baron Alexei Golubovich.

Greek innovation in offshore wind power

Greek companies have enhanced the dynamic international wind energy field with valuable innovations, especially at sea. Among these innovations is Floatmast, a floating tension leg platform (TLP) mast for offshore wind measurement, which is a world first.

The groundbreaking invention was awarded by the European Commission and granted 2 million euros in funding.

Ferry runs into moored vessel in Piraeus, no injuries

A passenger ferry crashed on Monday afternoon into a high-speed passenger ship anchored at the shipbuilding zone in Perama, southwest Attica, due to a mechanical failure, port authorities said.

"Salaminomahos" was travelling from Paloukia, the main port of Salamina, to Perama, when it collided with WorldChampion Jet. No injuries were reported and passengers disembarked safely.

Greeks third in super-yacht ownership

Greek shipowners represent the world's biggest merchant marine fleet, but also the third largest fleet of super-yachts (40 meters and over). Greece's seas are also the fourth most popular destination for these luxury vessels, with more than 100 super-yachts with an average length of 50 meters sailing or at anchor within two miles of the country's shores every week of the summer months.