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Bulgarian PM after He was Questioned by the Prosecution: We are Not Afraid of Anyone

After nearly two hours at the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said he had left a list of names and expected the prosecution's focus to be on these cases of corruption and other crimes. However, he refused to give the media the names from this list.

Bulgarian PM will be Summoned for Questioning at the Prosecutor's Office

New Bulgarian Alliance Assumes Power, Promising Reforms

The leader of 'We continue the change', Kiril Petkov greets fans before the first session of the parliament in Sofia, December 3, 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV

The vote put an end to an almost year-long political logjam in Bulgaria, which now sees its biggest political shift in more than a decade.

Kiril Petkov is the New Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Kiril Petkov is the new Prime Minister of Bulgaria. He became the head of the Council of Ministers after receiving the support of 134 deputies from "We Continue Change", BSP, "There Is Such a People" and "Democratic Bulgaria". Today, the National Assembly held an extraordinary sitting to approve the country's new government.

The New Cabinet: Bulgaria Finally has a New Government

Bulgaria finally has a new government, after parliament voted on three points this afternoon - the election of a prime minister, the adoption of a structure of the Council of Ministers and the election of a cabinet.

Exactly at 16:01 p.m. Kiril Petkov was elected Prime Minister of Bulgaria. His candidacy was accepted by 134 votes to 104.

The New Cabinet: Former Rapper Itzo Hazarta received Threats because he Supports Kiril Petkov

For the first time, Hristo Petrov from "We Continue the Change", who is known as the rapper Itzo Hazarta (Itzo The Gambler), spoke from the parliamentary rostrum. He told how Kiril Petkov invited him as a candidate for deputy, after which he asked people from political circles why he should not trust him.

The New Cabinet: Everyone in the Council of Ministers with a Green Certificate - Petkov's First Order

"Today is an important day to continue the change - in thinking and in government. Our first task is to realize that if we want a better future for Bulgaria, we must work together," said Prime Minister-designate Kiril Petkov in a speech to parliament.

Foreign Media on Bulgaria: The Mission of the New Government is to End Corruption and the Crisis

Bulgaria's prime ministerial candidate, 41-year-old Kiril Petkov, whose new anti-corruption party won the general election last month, said he hoped to take office on Monday as leader of a four-party coalition, ending months of political stalemate in the poorest EU country, AFP reports.

Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov Presented the Cabinet and the New Policies