We Continue the Change

“Vazrazhdane at the Presidential Consultations: Early Elections and Government before the Winter

President Rumen Radev has begun consultations with representatives of parliamentary groups in the 47th National Assembly to hand over a mandate to form a new government within the current parliament. He met representatives of "Vazrazhdane" for talks.

Bulgaria: “We Continue the Change” will Start Negotiations for a New Cabinet

The National Council of "We Continue the Change" (WCC) has given a mandate to start negotiations for a new government. On Tuesday, consultations will be held with "Democratic Bulgaria" and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), as well as with independent deputies, the party said.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will also Not Go to the Presidential Consultations Today

Representatives of the BSP parliamentary group will not go to the president's consultations before being given a mandate to form a new government. The consultations with the Bulgarian Socialist Party were scheduled for 4.45 p.m. today.

The reason for their inability to attend is the discussion of the budget in the budget committee.

Bulgaria: First Day of the Presidential Consultations to Form a New Government (UPDATED)

On June 27, 2022, Head of State Rumen Radev held consultations with representatives of the parliamentary groups of the 47th National Assembly to hand over a mandate to form a new government within the current parliament. They were held at the presidential institution.

Ninova: Radev's Presidential Institution is Not Enough for Him, He wants Real Power

"President Radev and Vice President Yotova began attacking the government in the first month. I had no explanation for why so quickly the president who created Petkov's party 'We Continue the Change', who launched them into power, attacked them.

Bulgarian PM Petkov will Resign on Monday Morning

Kiril Petkov will resign as prime minister on Monday morning in order for procedural consultations with the president, to form a new cabinet, to begin. This was said by Petkov himself from Brussels after the EU-Western Balkans meeting.

"On Monday morning. There is no problem. We will fill in the documents immediately and submit them," Petkov said.