Hand grenade found near Menidi school

A hand grenade found in Menidi, northern Athens, on Saturday was removed from the area by officers of the Hellenic Army's specialist bomb disposal unit while police launched an investigation into its provenance.
The grenade was found on the corner of Liosion and Aristotelous streets, near a primary school, police said.
It was to be examined by forensic experts.

How Vulnerable Are the People Whose Data Leaked during the NRA Attack?

The data which leaked during the NRA hack attack is not sufficient for direct forgery. If detractors do further research and take other data - from the Property Registry, the Registry Agency, for example, they could create a pretty good profile for us. This was explained in "Hello, Bulgaria" by Dr. Alexander Kirkov, Head of the Cybersecurity Lab at UniBIT.

15,000 People Were Evacuated in Hanover Because of a World War II Aerial Bomb

Nearly 15,000 people were evacuated Monday night in the German city of Hanover due to a World War II aerial bomb disposal operation, BTA reported.

The 500-pound projectile was discovered on a construction site.

According to estimates, at the end of World War II, over 2 million bombs of different caliber were thrown over Hitler's Germany. 10-20% of them never exploded.

World War II Artillery Shell Found near Bus Station in Sofia

An artillery shell from World War II was discovered by workers clearing construction waste in a parking lot near the bus station in Sofia's "Iztok" quarter. The area has been secured by police.

The projectile was later transported by a specialized vehicle and is about to be destroyed. Sappers said the projectile was 28 cm long and 7 cm in diameter, BNR reported.


Russia to resume S-400 missile deliveries to Turkey

The Turkish defense minister says Russia will resume the delivery of its S-400 missile defense system to Turkey this week.
Turkey took delivery of the first part of the Russian system last month despite strong objections from the United States, which had been pressing Turkey to cancel the deal with Russia and has threatened sanctions against Turkey.