Weather in Bulgaria: Cold and New Precipitation of Rain and Snow in the Next Hours

Cloudiness will be significant today. Rainfall will begin from the northwest, which will also cover the extreme southeastern regions, there it will be accompanied by thunder. There will be more significant quantities in places in Eastern Bulgaria.

Weather in Bulgaria: Strong and Stormy Southerly Wind Today

In places in the lowlands and hollows it will be almost quiet and there will be fog in the morning hours. The minimum temperatures will be between minus 3°C and 2°C, in Sofia - around minus 3°C, and the maximum - from 3-4°C in the plains and valleys with quiet and foggy weather, up to 13-14°C in places in South-Eastern Bulgaria and the Central Pre-Balkan, in Sofia - about 5°C.

What's coming at us?! Everything is already calculated; We will be hit hard PHOTO

The worst cold of the season will hit those parts of Europe, bringing a powerful winter storm that will hit the Balkan Peninsula the most, with huge amounts of snow from Romania to Ukraine.
This cold wave is forecast to move towards eastern and central Europe by Saturday and Sunday, spreading further south across the Balkan Peninsula on Sunday and early next week.

Temperatures to drop, rain and winds expected over the weekend

A low pressure system from the northwest accompanied by a cold front will bring adverse weather conditions over the weekend, with gale force winds throughout the country accompanied by heavy rain and storms in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

The National Meteorological Service (EMY) said temperatures in the north will drop by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Weather in Bulgaria: Light Rain in the South Today

It will be sunny in most of the country. There will be more significant temporary increases in cloudiness mainly over southern Bulgaria and in separate places there will be rain, mostly light.

A weak easterly wind will blow, in the south-eastern part of the country - a moderate north-easterly wind. The maximum temperatures will be between 25°C and 30°C, in Sofia 25°C.

Authorities issue cellphone alerts to residents of Karditsa, Farsala

Authorities have issued cellphone alerts to residents of Karditsa and Farsala in central Greece, advising them to remain indoors due to hazardous weather conditions.

The Fire Brigade's Operations Center received 1,196 calls from Tuesday morning until Wednesday at 6 a.m. for assistance with tasks such as water pumping, tree removal, and evacuating people to safety.

Warnings against Entering the Sea in Greece due to Dangerous Weather

In Greece, the authorities warn not to enter the sea because of the sudden change in weather.

The forecast is for rough seas and rain, especially in Halkidiki and Euboea.

Heavy rain, wind and hail are expected today in a large part of the country, according to forecasters.