Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 8C to 13C

It will be mostly sunny today. 

Light to moderate winds will continue from the west-northwest, changing briefly during the day to west-southwest direction. Daytime temperatures will rise significantly to reach maximums of 8C to 13C, or even higher in places. Atmospheric pressure will drop but will stay significantly higher than the average for the month.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 0C to 5C

It will be cloudy today before noon. In the afternoon, the clouds over western Bulgaria will disperse. There will be light northwest wind, in eastern Bulgaria - moderate north wind. Maximum temperatures mainly between 0C and 5C, in Sofia - about 2C. Atmospheric pressure is significantly higher than the monthly average and will continue to rise during the day.

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Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 1C and 6C

Today, fog or low clouds are expected to form in plains, valleys and around water bodies, and will mostly last throughout the day,. After midday, light to moderate wind will blow in the east. Maximum temperatures mainly between 1C and 6C, in Sofia about 2C. Sunshine in the mountainous, with temperatures up to 12-13C.

Weather Forecast: Fog or Low Clouds in Many Areas

Today, fog or low clouds will remain almost throughout the day in many areas in the plains, valleys and around the rivers. In these areas daytime temperatures will remain low, mainly between 2C and 7C, while the mountains will be sunny, with temperatures up to 10-12C, in Sofia - about 7C. Atmospheric pressure will be higher than the average for the month.