Mainly Sunny Today in Bulgaria, with Maximum Temperatures between 23C and 28C

Today, the rain in the eastern and southern areas will gradually stop in the morning hours, cloud will break and clear. Atmospheric pressure is slightly lower than the average for July, it will rise slightly. During the day, sunshine will prevail across the country, with some increase in clouds but no rain expected. The north wind, mostly moderate, will continue to bring cool air.

New heatwave to blast Greece until Wednesday

Hot air masses from Africa are expected to return to Greece on Sunday and affect the weather until next Wednesday, according to the National Observatory's Meteo weather service.
The new intense heatwave will affect several continental parts of the country and urban centers, with temperatures forecast to reach or exceed 40 degrees Celsius locally.

It Will be Mostly Sunny Today, in the Afternoon, Thunder Clouds Will Form Again Bringing Showers

It will be mostly sunny today. Before noon fog will form in places in lowlands and valleys. Around noon and in the afternoon, thunder clouds will form again, bringing rain showers and thunder to some places in western and central Bulgaria.

Cloudy Day with Rain in Places in Bulgaria

Today it will be cloudy for the most part. In the afternoon, cloud will develop and it will rain with thunder in some places. Thunder is more likely in East Bulgaria and the Balkan mountain range. Light wind from the south, moderate in East Bulgaria. Temperatures will reach highs of between 20°C and 25°C, in Sofia about 21°C. Air pressure will further decrease through today.

Mostly Sunny Today, Afternoon with Rainfalls and Thunderstorms in the Southeastern Parts and in the Mountains

Today the weather will be mostly sunny, after noon with increases of the cloudines. More significant clouds with rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms are expected mainly in the southeastern regions and in the mountains. The wind will be temperate in the Danube Plain and temporarily strong from West to Northwest, and after lunch it will weaken.

The Weather will be mostly Sunny, in the Afternoon over the West Bulgaria will Develop Cumulus-rain Clouds

Sunny weather will prevail today. In the afternoon above the western half of the country, and overnight and Sunday to the east, a shallow cloudiness will develop. There will be brief, sometimes intense rainfall, accompanied by thunder and temporary wind gain. There will be hailstorm conditions.

Variable Clouds to Sunny Spells over most of Bulgaria this Morning

Today will start with variable cloud over most of the country, often giving way to sunshine. A cloudy afternoon with rain showers, chiefly in East Bulgaria and the mountainous regions. Light to moderate wind from north-northwest. Maximum temperatures in the range of 14°C to 19°C. Air pressure exceeds the average for the month but will decrease a little in the afternoon.